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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So today a friend of mine told me I looked just like the main character on this show she watches on NBC. I'm looking at the show now, and I suppose I see what she is talking about, though I wouldn't have made the comparison myself.
She isn't the first to say I look like (fill in known face here). I've gotten that for a long time, for a variety of faces. Let's hit the list, shall we?

Starting chronologically,


Minkus (Boy Meets World) - Got this one in elementary school, when the show was still on the air.

Macaulay Culkin - Right after the first Home Alone came out, about the same time as the Minkus comparison. Glad I grew out of this one. I really hope I grew out of this one.

Niles Crane (Frasier) - Again, got this in the hey-day of the show. Probably for behavior as well as looks.

Stewie Griffin (Family Guy) - Like Niles, this one is probably more deserved for behavior. I hope it isn't for a football shaped head, at least.

Jude Law
- This came mostly from the girl I kinda dated in high school. I think she was trying to flatter me. It is one of the more flattering comparisons, but probably also one of the more unfounded.

Peter Parker (Spiderman) - Mostly got this after the movies came out, especially right after my mission. In fact, I took advantage of whatever likeness there was and dressed as Peter Parker for Halloween a couple years ago.
NOTE: Clark Kent is essentially the same comparison, and I've gotten that as well, though with less frequency.


Dan Vasser (Kevin McKidd from Journeyman) - This is the comparison I got earlier today. Not sure exactly how I feel about it, but it certainly could be worse (see Stewie Griffin).
By all means let me know if I'm missing any.

NOTE: This is an omission I should have noticed when first posting, but it did only happen the one time.

Update Dec. 27, 2007: This is another one I should have remembered. Oh well.


Angela said...

I'd say I agree with Niles Crane and Peter Parker most. I got a lot of "You look like so-and-so" too, but mostly in high school. I was told multipul times (even by strangers) that I looked like Mena Suvari, usually when I was wearing my cheer uniform, and people would say I looked like that girl from "American Beauty". I also got Claire Dains and Heather Graham. Is it bad that I've always thought each of these women were slightly weird looking?

Emily said...

Angela, they're also stunningly beautiful. Be flattered!

About once every ten years, I hear that I look like Andie McDowell.

Austin said...

Angela, they aren't really weird looking. Maybe you don't like the characters they play, but they are by most accounts very pretty. And the cheer uniform would really do it for the Mena Suvari look. I never get the Peter Parker comparison without the glasses.

Andy McDowell, I can see that Emily. You'd probably get that more if Andy McDowell made more movies these days.

mdiller said...

Good choice of pictures. They sold me even though I was skeptical on some. Especially Stewie...

stacey said...

Um, can I ask who you sort of dated in high school?

Austin said...

Um, Laura Jenkins. Remember that whole thing?

stacey said...

Duh. I'm semi-stupid. I racked my brain and racked my brain. The obvious.

Austin said...

It was a long time ago to remember your friend's brother's girlfriend.
I hardly remember myself.
Wait...who are you?
Where am I?

Meredith said...

The crazy guy on trax said I looked like Julia Stiles. That's nothing though compared to Jude Law. And also a cartoon! Amazing.

Mary said...

When I had blond hair and didn't wear glasses I was told I looked like Cameron Diaz. It was a year or two after the film "What about Mary" came out, so I think that's why. I haven't got it for a couple years though.

Also, for the record you're much better looking than Niles Crane. And Stewie Griffin.

Dave the Wave said...

I've Never had a celebrity look alike comment, good or bad.

Angela said...

that's probably because you are not beautiful. Celebrities are always beautiful.

Asmond said...

I dunno... I'd say you look more like Ethan Hawk in Gattaca than Jude Law. More by mannerisms though. Don't agree at all with Dan Vasser.

Dave the Wave said...

oh! ok, I get it now, duh. what was I thinking....actually on that note I think its funny the mix Austin gets, it's either nerds or hearthrobs

Dave said...

It could be worse. You could get compared to Chris Farley, Jack Black and Mikey from "Recess". Just something to think about. And man alive, did I forget about Minkus. That's a keeper.