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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

In the spirit of things

Well, I'm here at work. Oh, you didn't know I work at a Christmas tree
lot, selling Christmas trees? I do. At least tonight I do.

I went around to a bunch of different places yesterday asking if they
had seasonal work. The Christmas tree lot was the only place to call me
back, and they wanted me to start right away.

It's cold, but not so bad if I keep moving. I've got four layers on, and
two pair of gloves. And it smells great, like fir and fried chicken
(we're across the street from KFC). So wish me luck, and let me know if
you need any evergreen branches. I think those are free.


Emily said...

Do you have any 2-foot trees? When are you working next so we can come buy one? And where? And good for you! (Also, have you tried UPS or FedEx? I bet you could load trucks and make good money. You know me, I have answers.)

Mary said...

What a holiday-cheer job. Warms me up just thinking about it. I hope Angela does bring you some hot cocoa.

Queen of Nice said...

Yes drink lots of hot chocolate! Sounds fun, try to stay warm!

Nancy said...

that was me, just trying the whole nickname button, that's not really my nickname but maybe it should be.