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Saturday, October 29, 2005

I really, really want this book
Really a lot.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Artist of the Day

Todays selection comes from Peter Adams, an artist that I stumbled upon after finding this wonderful site where recording artists can put up thier stuff.

A few days ago I was in a fender bender at work. It was in a tight spot and I looked away from the coworker who was backing me out, and when I looked back there wasn't enough time to stop. I cause some cosmetic damage to another BYU vehicle, a sedan. Today at work, my supervisor asked for my help in filling out the report. The BYU police wouldn't give him the information he needed for the report he needed to give to his boss. So I called the police, and they gave me the info. My boss was grateful, saying thank you, and it seemed to me funny that he was thanking me for helping him with a problem that I created.
The other supervisor on duty there also talked to me today, and was commenting on how good my diagram was on the report I had to fill out. Agreed, it was probably more detailed and entertaining than the usual accident report, but I just thought it was funny. Here I have caused an accident, and minor though it was, I am getting gratitude from one supervisor and accolades from the other.
This is not the first accident I've had at work. The other was when I went to the service station, and drove away with the gas nozzle still in the truck. It is now on my shelf as a memento. You know what they did to punish me after that? I got a 50 cent raise the next day. BYU is running the New Deal with on campus employment, and at least in my department, it doesn't seem to matter what you do.
I'm on a bit of a posting rampage. Tonight my friend Val asked my last name. Craig is my last name, says I. "Oh" says she "you were supposed to be the one that won a cuddle-sac at the Student Entrepreneurship Awards", an event I attended on campus a couple weeks ago. She was the Emcee there along with some chump. In order to win that prize, you had to be at the competition and be a member of of CEO, the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization. I had joined the club at the door because A: I am an aspiring entrepreneur, and B: there was a drawing for a cuddle-sac. Apparently the other emcee pulled my ticket and didn't get how the system worked, so he pulled another one and gave the thing to somebody else. I became visibly mad when she told me this, and then she told me to calm down, it wasn't a big deal. SHE WAS THE ONE THAT TOLD ME TO GO, SHE WAS THE ONE THAT SAID THEY WERE GIVING A BUNCH OF STUFF AWAY. THOSE THINGS ARE NICE AND VERY POPULAR AMONG THE COLLEGE CROWD. THEY ARE EXPENSIVE. I feel it should be expected that I would show a little frustration in the situation.
Blogging, for me, is so nar·cis·sis·tic. Nobody should be this self-indulgent.

I had a dream

I had a strange dream the other night. I dreamt that all the sci-fi/fantasy characters of popular culture got together and started a union. One of thier first orders of action was to distribute light-sabers to all members. So they all got one, Aragorn got one, Spiderman, and the whole rest of the crew. But you know what? Nobody wanted to give Spock a light-saber. I think it was because...well...what does Spock do? He doesn't have any powers, he doesn't even fight, should he even be in this union? Spock, obviously offended by this affront to his cult sci-fi status, just sat in the corner, muttering about the injustice of all these self righteous...muttermutter....

the blogging title

For those of you who were wondering, the name comes from a little trip that my dear friend Roger and I took to Chico CA to attend the national Yo-yo competition. My friend Meredith sent me a text saying she was on a roadtrip, and i responded by saying I was also on a roadtrip. However, in the T9 function in my T-Mobile phone, the word "roadtrip" did not show up when I put it in as one word. The not a word, "snafusis" showed up. I consulted with Roger, and we decided that it should be a word, probably a medical condition. We also got to talking about bands we have never formed. I have always intended on starting a band named "Wierdbeard and the Bigwigs" and Rog said that if he were a head man for a band, he would want his pseudonym to be "Pekish Vibe". We then made a fictitious headline from the evening news. In entertainment news, lead singer of the band Wierdbeard and the Bigwigs, Pekish Vibe, has suffered a mild physical snafusis. More at ten."

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I did it. I gave in.

My sister in law suggested that I start a "blog". What a horrendous word that is. I think that is the sound produced when one drops anything large and gelatinous on a hard surface. "BLOG!"