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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

33 min.

had a dream last night. Dreamt that I was in hotel that somehow became entirely flooded to the point that it was submerged, all the way under water. Also, a bunch of animals somehow became zombie animals, and were trying to eat my brains. And my family was made up of a bunch of people who aren't really my family (I think there was an old black woman who was strangely my grandma). and we locked ourselves in a room and tried to keep a zombie elephant out. Then we turned on the TV, only the TV was more like a computer, and we went to a site that had a bunch of dumb funny videos, like homestarrunner.com, and they had a 33 min. long documentary video I had made about my experience trying to survive in the submerged hotel with my family and a whole bunch of zombie animals trying to eat our brains. They had in parenthases below the link to watch the video that "This video really should be up to 33 min. shorter" which was a jab at me becasue the video was only 33 min. long. They had posted it becasue it was funny how bad the documentay was, like that "Aisha" viral video, wasn't meant to be funny, but just was. We watched this video while I was trying to make the documentary itself. Also on the site they had a feature where one of two animated bannannas or a fried oreo would sing you a song about the days trading on one of three stock exchanges.
My roommate Landon thinks it means I'm on drugs. My dear friend Dave thinks it means I have too much on my plate in life right now. I tend to agree with the latter opinion.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Oh, and serendipity

Incidentally, I had an interesting experience today. I sat down to eat lunch by myself, in a pod of other guys in the Cougereat who were eating by themselves. I was wearing my black leather jacket and my black Duncan hat that makes me look like a director, like Ron Howard or Michael Moore or Steven Spielberg. I was there for only a few minutes, when some guy asks if he can sit at the same table. "Take a seat" says I. After a couple minutes of silence, he asks what I am reading. " A Film textbook. I have the class in a little bit." And guess what? Turns out he is Gideon Burton, whom my LDS Cinema teacher has mentioned several times. It was really cool, I told him I was in that class, and he asked me what my final paper would be about. LDS Cinema as an ethnic Genre, and he went into how he was in Ireland this summer studying Irish ethnic Cinema. It was great, he gave me a bunch of good ideas for sources and how to refine my subject and what things I could explore. He is working with my teacher on a special issue of the Association for Mormon Letters that will focus on LDS film.
How cool is that? I totally think it was the hat that got his attention.

and where does the time go?

So I haven't posted on here in forever. Sorry about that. I've been extremely busy. That thing my friends and I started a while back? It's really doing well, better then my pessimistic self expected. We have a new and vastly improved website that is destined to only get better. I might be on TV tomorrow, a friend who runs this local cable talkshow wants us to come on. Cool, huh? I have a ton of reading to do for my classes, thats not new but still important. I have plenty to do for my church calling. Oh, and I am dating somebody. Lets all be honest, if you ask me, thats the real highlight here.
Life is good.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Yes, but who monitors the quality control people?

It has become patently obvious that though I try to use various vocabulary in my blogging, that I can't spell worth a hoot. I don't know if I will ever be whole without my constant crutch, spellcheck.

Also, I need to write a story for my Creative Writing class. I think I will use the "Xenophobia" entry as my basis.

Pertaining to my creative writing class, there is one problem there that stands out above any others. There is the constant difficulty of being among a group who think they may be really good at something (writing, in this case)and knowing that you fit right in.