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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Oh, and serendipity

Incidentally, I had an interesting experience today. I sat down to eat lunch by myself, in a pod of other guys in the Cougereat who were eating by themselves. I was wearing my black leather jacket and my black Duncan hat that makes me look like a director, like Ron Howard or Michael Moore or Steven Spielberg. I was there for only a few minutes, when some guy asks if he can sit at the same table. "Take a seat" says I. After a couple minutes of silence, he asks what I am reading. " A Film textbook. I have the class in a little bit." And guess what? Turns out he is Gideon Burton, whom my LDS Cinema teacher has mentioned several times. It was really cool, I told him I was in that class, and he asked me what my final paper would be about. LDS Cinema as an ethnic Genre, and he went into how he was in Ireland this summer studying Irish ethnic Cinema. It was great, he gave me a bunch of good ideas for sources and how to refine my subject and what things I could explore. He is working with my teacher on a special issue of the Association for Mormon Letters that will focus on LDS film.
How cool is that? I totally think it was the hat that got his attention.

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