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Sunday, December 31, 2006

2007. The New and Improved.

2007 is going to be better than 2006 was. Why, you might ask? Because I've decided it will be. There are plenty of ways it can be better. I could develop a consistent sleeping pattern. I can focus on my studies more. I can follow through with creative ambitions. I can live up to what I believe. I can go to the temple more often. I can be nicer to people. I can be a LOT nicer to people. I can be more productive. I can dress better. I can spend less. I can read more. I can listen to better music. I can listen to legal music. I can communicate better. I can serve more. I can serve a WHOLE LOT more. I can be more thoughtful. I can be cleaner. I can be more organized. I can be more profitable. I can be punctual.

If you have anything else I can work on, I'm open to suggestions.

Friday, December 29, 2006


Rockets are awesome. Everybody should have a rocket. That is all.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Review: The Prestige

Just saw "The Prestige". In short, I liked it.

Or do you want the long story? Okay then.

It is a compelling plot. It centers around two men obsessed with the craft of illusions. But after one fatal mistake, they become bitter enemies. They continue to refine their tricks, their illusions, and continually try to one up each other, not only on stage, but personally, revenge type stuff. But you could hear all of this from a normal reviewer. My main observations are...

INSPIRED CASTING of David Bowie as Nikola Tesla. Also in the mix? Andy Serkis of Lord of the Rings (Gollum) fame. Whoever thought of that deserves a raise.

One more thing. The movie presents itself as a believable story, something completely within the realm of possibility, but at the end there is an element revealed that borders on science fiction/fantasy. Its something you just kinda have to swallow if you're going to enjoy the film. But its presented so well that its not really a big problem, at least for me. Then again, I'm somebody who enjoys science fiction/fantasy. If you're not, this might be something you choke on a bit. Sorry about that.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dreams: Home from her mission? So early?

I dreamt the other night that i ran into a friend of mine who went on a mission a couple months ago. I asked her why she was here and not on a mission, and she responded that she had never really gone on a mission, but had stayed home because a friend of hers had broken up with her boyfriend and she (my friend) was going to try to hook up with him. I thought that was tremendously funny.

Monday, December 25, 2006

A Hole in the Pirates

If Bootstrap Bill Turner was part of the crew that stole the cursed Aztec treasure, then wouldn't he be one of the cursed undead too? How could they "strap a cannon to Bootstrap's bootstraps" and send him down to Davey Jones Locker, and have him die? I mean, I've seen the second one, I know he doesn't die, but it just doesn't make sense.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

dreams: The Wii and some chick

I beat ¨The Legend of Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link¨ on the original NES the other day. That night I dreamt I had bought the Nintendo Wii and the new zelda game. Wow, I´m a pathetic nerd, even in my dreams.

Also dreamt I was hanging out with a friends older sister, and it was wierd. I think I liked her in the dream, which is strange to contrast with reality where I don´t really. People are different in my dreams than they are in waking life, and I would say that I am frequently different too, but then somebody would suggest that my dream-self might be a manifestation of a ¨real¨ me that doesn´t often show its face.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Lost in the Mansion

Dreamt I was in a huge house/mansion/possibly a boarding school, I'm not sure. It was big enough that there were disused parts of the building. I was hiding, and i Think I didn't want to go outside for elemental reasons, i.e. rain or snow.

Dreamt a couple nights ago I was working on a school project with a girl in one of my classes, and when we were done, she just wanted to hang out. I was not interested, and woke up instead.

Friday, December 08, 2006


I've decided I dream more than a lot of people do, or at least I remember them more. So I'm going to start blogging about it all.

Last night I dreamt I was a special ops assassin, and while on a mission, some guy saved my life. So after this all, he thought he might be able to get a favor out of the organization that I worked for. He talked to my Bosses, on tall guy who was just above me in the hierarchy, who had dark hair and a mustache and dark hair who had also been an assassin, and some guy who was above him, who wore a suit, who was just the business end of things.

Not only did they not want to do his favor, but they told him he needed to do something for us, and if he didn't do it, they would have him killed and feed his body to pigs. They told him this in the presence of a very large pig.