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Sunday, December 31, 2006

2007. The New and Improved.

2007 is going to be better than 2006 was. Why, you might ask? Because I've decided it will be. There are plenty of ways it can be better. I could develop a consistent sleeping pattern. I can focus on my studies more. I can follow through with creative ambitions. I can live up to what I believe. I can go to the temple more often. I can be nicer to people. I can be a LOT nicer to people. I can be more productive. I can dress better. I can spend less. I can read more. I can listen to better music. I can listen to legal music. I can communicate better. I can serve more. I can serve a WHOLE LOT more. I can be more thoughtful. I can be cleaner. I can be more organized. I can be more profitable. I can be punctual.

If you have anything else I can work on, I'm open to suggestions.

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Emily said...

I support the new and improved Austin. Can't think of anything to add.