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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Oh, by the way, we're not good at bowling. I'm not anyway. Turns out when we actually have competitors, we lose. Ya, who knew. Oh, and contrary to what I thought, I am not improving. I actually bowled what my have been the worst three games of my life last week. HA!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Just took a nap, just had a dream.

I dreamt that I was at some sort of medical clinic, and I mentioned that I was hungry, and they said they were about to open up the cafeteria. I went to some counter to pay for a dinner there, and started talking to the girl behind said counter. I gave her my ID for some reason, and she said I was two years late, that she had lived at the Enclave two years ago and I live there now (I don't live there in reality, just weird dreams).

But then I woke up.

So lets recap, in my dream I was talking to a girl and about to have dinner, then I woke up hungry by myself in my cold living room.

I'm going back to sleep.