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Monday, December 25, 2006

A Hole in the Pirates

If Bootstrap Bill Turner was part of the crew that stole the cursed Aztec treasure, then wouldn't he be one of the cursed undead too? How could they "strap a cannon to Bootstrap's bootstraps" and send him down to Davey Jones Locker, and have him die? I mean, I've seen the second one, I know he doesn't die, but it just doesn't make sense.


Angela said...

i don't think they every say bootstrap dies, they just stick him at the bottom of the ocean because he didn't agree with them.

Austin said...

so did bootstrap sit there till they cured the curse, waiting at the bottom of the ocean for ten years, till THEN he was going to die and sold his soul to Davey Jones?

Angela said...

uh...yeah, that was my impression. sounds fun, doesn't it?