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Friday, October 28, 2005

I'm on a bit of a posting rampage. Tonight my friend Val asked my last name. Craig is my last name, says I. "Oh" says she "you were supposed to be the one that won a cuddle-sac at the Student Entrepreneurship Awards", an event I attended on campus a couple weeks ago. She was the Emcee there along with some chump. In order to win that prize, you had to be at the competition and be a member of of CEO, the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization. I had joined the club at the door because A: I am an aspiring entrepreneur, and B: there was a drawing for a cuddle-sac. Apparently the other emcee pulled my ticket and didn't get how the system worked, so he pulled another one and gave the thing to somebody else. I became visibly mad when she told me this, and then she told me to calm down, it wasn't a big deal. SHE WAS THE ONE THAT TOLD ME TO GO, SHE WAS THE ONE THAT SAID THEY WERE GIVING A BUNCH OF STUFF AWAY. THOSE THINGS ARE NICE AND VERY POPULAR AMONG THE COLLEGE CROWD. THEY ARE EXPENSIVE. I feel it should be expected that I would show a little frustration in the situation.


Emily said...

Excellent! I cannot wait to read firsthand of all your gym-renting, leg-breaking, horse-hitting, yo-yo competing, heart-breaking, roadtrip taking collegiate craziness. It is way narcissistic, but it's fun. I will check back frequently!

Emily Kate said...

Ya know, now that I work at University Police, I have some pretty sweet hookups. Get me that guys name and we'll finish him off! It won't get you a cuddle-sac but it might make you feel better.

On a side note, I'm so excited you're blogging (and mildly offended that I only got the link because Landon gave it to me!)

The Evil Twin...Muwhahaha! said...

And just who were you planning on cuddling with when you won?