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Friday, October 28, 2005

the blogging title

For those of you who were wondering, the name comes from a little trip that my dear friend Roger and I took to Chico CA to attend the national Yo-yo competition. My friend Meredith sent me a text saying she was on a roadtrip, and i responded by saying I was also on a roadtrip. However, in the T9 function in my T-Mobile phone, the word "roadtrip" did not show up when I put it in as one word. The not a word, "snafusis" showed up. I consulted with Roger, and we decided that it should be a word, probably a medical condition. We also got to talking about bands we have never formed. I have always intended on starting a band named "Wierdbeard and the Bigwigs" and Rog said that if he were a head man for a band, he would want his pseudonym to be "Pekish Vibe". We then made a fictitious headline from the evening news. In entertainment news, lead singer of the band Wierdbeard and the Bigwigs, Pekish Vibe, has suffered a mild physical snafusis. More at ten."

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