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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Floods and Flights

Dreamt that I went to the Carribean for study abroad somehow affiliated
with the Discovery Channel, and was on one of the islands there when an
extremely rare natural occurrence took place. A giant, GIANT sea slug
surfaced right next to the island. It looked like Jabba the Hut, and was
so big, so monstrously large that it flooded much of the island with the
incoming waves. I had been snorkeling when it happened, and quickly
swam back to the shore and jumped on a helicopter that was taking off.
In no time, I was (back) in New York, not where I had intended on going.
I think I had jumped out of the helicopter as it approached the coast. I
swam to shore and needed to locate the Discovery Channel offices, so
they could get me back to the islands. I asked somebody who was walking
out of a shopping center or an office complex, and they told me those
offices were further south. I headed that way, but stopped to pull out
my braces. I had gotten braces again as part of the trip, but they were
bothering me so bad, I stopped by a trashcan and started pulling them
out, and they just kept coming, this seemingly eternal string of wire
and brackets that took up my whole mouth. I finally got them out, and
woke with my mouth wide open.

Analysis: Last night right before bed, I blogged about Cloverfield and
mentioned the NY Times article about decimating NY in film. That
explains a monstrous sea creature, flooding, and NY. My mouth was agape
and dry when I was asleep, so there enters the braces sensation. But
what about snorkeling, swimming, flying, and islands? Beats me. Maybe
I'm deep down really sick of the snow outside.

Like I said in my previous post, I need to put my mental ability to
better use. If I did scripture study before I went to bed, maybe I'd
have a vision or something.


mdiller said...

I drempt last night I was collecting donations for inner city kids to go to college. I had about $20 mil stashed in my car and was supposed to collect from a few more people including my dad and family who happened to be living in an inner city dirty one room apartment. i had to run away from gansters wanting my money and swung down the pole in the middle of a spiral staircase like a fireman. I snuck away from some guy, and had a side kick. someone tried to donate $3 mil, but it wasnt enough to matter to me so I refused it. when i went to my dad the bad guys were right on my tail so we had to hurry. he had hidden it in the top of the lawnmower (strange because he didnt have a lawn) but they couldnt find it anywhere. it was supposed to be about $5 mil, but then they remembered that it was actually $23 mil. when they couldnt figure out where it was my dad just shrugged his shoulders and said he must have donated it last year and just forgotten about it. not at all like my dad to forget $23 mil that he happened to donate, but everyone else seemed ok about it. the dream ended with me standing out in the rain by my sweet 1970's oldsmobile with my side kick getting drenched. thats probably why i woke up sick this morning.

Austin said...

You keep writing down your (crazy) dreams, you'll start remembering them more. You think you're ready for your lunatic subconscious mind to reveal itself? DO YOU?!