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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Clean Getaway

Dave and I went to the Car Wash. We brought the camera.

Don't expect anything special from this video. It's just a plain car wash.
Background music:
I Gotcha, Daydream, both by Lupe Fiasco.


mdiller said...

This video goes on forever

mdiller said...

And I am just as intent on watching the whole thing

mdiller said...

Also, Dave's dancing never gets old and the word verification thing this time is ZO DIED. I thought that was funny

Austin said...

I KNEW somebody was going to watch the whole thing. All like 16 minutes of it. Congrats, Diller, you win.

Dave the Wave said...

nobody should watch this whole thing. Over all, I give this movie two and one half stars, mostly because of the stunning looks and acting performance by the lead actor in an incredibly poorly concieved story.