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Friday, December 28, 2007

Death of DT

Stopped by my old dorm today. I made the visit because when I was in the neighborhood, I noticed that they were putting the wrecking ball into my bedroom. Literally. No, seriously, I think if you look close, that's about where the wrecking ball is. Fifth floor, R Hall, facing the basketball court. I was there Summer, 2001.

Goodbye, Deseret Towers. I know it's your time to go, but you were young once. I started my college career with you. Those were good times. Sorry to see you go.


mdiller said...

THATS NOT FAIR. I should have been the one that got to see them come down. I wanted to watch that SOOO bad!!! AAARRRGGHHH

D Smith said...

did you get video?

Mylee said...

thanks, dave. that's real thoughtful of you. DT was a huge part of my freshman experience, and you just want to watch it crumble to the ground for entertainment.

Austin said...

Dan, what did you ever do to merit seeing them come down more than I? I lived there. Life isn't fair. So stop crying, because they'll probably still be up when you get back. You can watch it all day.
Dave, I know what you're thinking. There are still two or three towers, we can still get footage.
Mylee, I think Dave wants footage for a bigger project. Something we were working on a while back.

Mary said...

Nice photos Austin. Glad you got there in time.

Nancy said...

that is sad, I started my summer there too, well acorss the way in the girls dorm, good memories.