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Monday, December 31, 2007


It is official. I am ill. At first I was hoping my voice getting deeper
was a subconscious career move, but sadly it is a badly sore throat.

I'm watching Beneath the Planet of the Apes. Did you know they made five
movies in that series
? And two television series. That isn't including the
2001 remake
. And from the looks of this sequel, they just get more and
more absurd. In this one, a stand-in for Charlton Heston (he plays the
exact same kind of character under a different name) discovers that not
only are there a race of evolved apes dominating the surface of the
planet, but there is a race of psychic humans living underneath the apes
in the rubble of NY City. And the Psychics worship a Nuclear bomb. And
they look like zombies, but wear pretty masks. Ya, I didn't make that

Can't wait to see the next three in the series (sarcasm). My brother in
law tells me each one got a smaller and smaller budget till by the last
one the makeup was simply plastic Halloween masks. They put a pretty
in here, though, clearly for scenery sake. She doesn't even talk. Oh, wait...they just
shot her.

It's an AMC Ape Marathon. They're playing the "classics". That's a big,
BIG stretch to call these classics.

Next is Escape from the Planet of the Apes. To be honest, I'll probably
watch that too.

Alright. I'm watching it.

My goodness, they all speak perfect English. This is ridiculous. Now the
apes are traveling back in time, and meeting the president, and becoming

Maybe I'll watch Teen Wolf next.


D Smith said...

you cant go wrong with teen wolf.

Asmond said...

I love Teen Wolf!

Austin said...

The people have spoken, Teen Wolf it is.