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Friday, December 14, 2007

Privileged Pathways of Love

Dave Peterson wrote and performed this song for extra credit in his BIO class. His teacher is clearly just giddy about it. I too thought it was too good to let fade out of memory. Special thanks to Dave Smith for his camera work. Enjoy.

Privileged Pathways of Love

Chorus - Well though many have tried

And many have died

I’ll be taking all my chances on swimming inside

Of your privileged pathways of love

And so I’m starting here

Where the danger is clear

But I won’t have any phagocyte fear

Because no white blood cell can ever try to take me from you

So if I stand my ground

And I don’t misbehave

And if I simply just get on that uterine wave

Then you could sing to me in Syngamy tonight and forever babe


And I’m excited for this


Because I’m sure that for the first time I’ll know just where my home is

So I won’t fear any zona block or hardening now

Darlin’ Oocyte

Tonight is the night

I’m havin; Acrosome Reaction, so conditions are right

With all this totipotential let’s make these happy little haploids dance


From here it won’t be long

Until you’re starting to show

And I’m just glad I wasn’t caught up in a Retrograde Flow

And that the acid in your Oviduct never quite did me in

Cause I was too afraid of losin’ ya

I had to reach that Zona Pellucida

I had to stay the course

And not get lost

In that hostile guard of Endometrium Walls

And if this was the cost

Well then I’m glad that I went through it all



Jourdan said...

Genius. Genius. Genius.

Emily said...

I'm touched, and a little bit sad for his single-student-at-BYU status right now.

Meredith said...

if every girl didn't walk a way with a major crush on dave than I don't know anything about crushes, girls, or dave.

pam said...

So did he get enough extra credit to get an A in the class?

Angela said...