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Sunday, December 30, 2007

I am a visitor here. I am not permanent.

I am at church at the MTC with my parents. My dad serves in a branch
presidency here. It probably would have been wise to find whatever
student ward is meeting in Provo, but I didn't want to hunt one down and
go by myself.

The meeting schedule is unusual here. My dad is in some kind of meeting,
branch presidency things or district meeting or something, and my mom is
in Relief Society. I'm just in the front lobby waiting for Elders'

They haven't replaced the pictures of Elder Faust or Elder Eyring yet.
There are 11 apostles lined up on the wall, across from a presidency of
2. There is a first edition Book of Mormon on display (I've handled one
of those before
), as well as the old stone inscription that president
McKay spoke about. "What E'er Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part."

It's funny being here. Brings back some memories. Everybody so formal,
speaking badly broken second languages, always on a schedule, memorizing
scriptures and trying to catch the spirit like it was some dove that
flew in the building and got lost. It's funny. But at the same time I
feel a bit like a fraud, here with no companion, nametag, or even a

We do get to have lunch after meetings, though. I'm looking forward to


Mary said...

oh the magic of your cell phone; recording all of this as it takes place. I hope you like your lunch. Maybe they'll serve chicken cord en blue. That was my favorite.

Asmond said...

That would be strange...

P.S. You have blogged more in the month of December than I have in the past 2 years.

Austin said...

Mary, it was, in fact, chicken cond en blue. Very tasty.

Asmond, I have what doctors call an "addiction". I'm sure it isn't healthy.

Austin said...

My average posting this month is more than twice daily. Try and tell me that isn't a problem.

Nancy said...

Is this legal? I think you're going to get kicked out of the MTC. On the other hand Chicken Cordon Bleu sounds yummy, maybe I should be a visitor.

Austin said...

Nancy, you should visit, when else are you going to get to see what Dallas will be experiencing? Also, what are they going to do, send me home from my mission? THE TRICKS ON THEM, I'VE BEEN HOME FOR THREE YEARS!

D Smith said...

this post looks a lot like it should have a national treasure like plot to go along with it.

Justin said...

Chicken Cordon Bleu? I loved "hamster sunday"...

Austin said...

Smith, That is one of the best ideas I've heard in a while. Should we pitch that one to Divine Comedy, or just do it ourselves?
Justin, Sick.