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Monday, December 26, 2005

random thoughts

Moderation in all things, thats what I say. Last post on here I was at an extreme. That is extremely busy. Now, post-finals, post-Christmas, I am at the other extreme. I have been in Arizona for a while, a little over a week, with my family here. Here are some of my thoughts.
-I don't like spongebob. It is mindless. But because I am bored out of my mind, I am watching it with my niece and nephew.
-I love Christmas. There is giving and recieving that surpasses every other time of year.
-I will not have kids for a long time. I haven't the patience. I don't think anybody does until they have to and they have the children to teach it to them. Also, I lack the requisite wife.
-I love popular science. Thats because I love technology. But not as much as I love you.
-Am I the only one that thinks these two should get together?
Application Concept
Don't worry, I already emailed both of them about the other. Thats how bored I am.
-Speaking of, I just thought of somebody else I can email to vanquish boredom. I was in Albuquerque this summer, and met somebody who had a first edition Book of Mormon. Wow. I wonder how many of those are still out there? Not very many, there wasn't that many when it was first published, only 5000. and that was in...1830? I'm not sure, but anyway, I thought I would email some of the folks at F.A.R.M.S. and see what they think. Any thoughts? Should the owner keep it for posterity, or sell it to the Church for posterity? Or give it? Lemme know what you think.


Natter said...

Austin. I'm hurt that you would so flippantly insult Spongebob like that. If my memory serves me correctly, we once watched an episode of Spongebob together. And to know it meant so little to you...well that's just heart breaking really.

Angela said...

Your "application" link is crapping out. Fix it! I must know what the application of such a mindless item is. Besides, it doesn't sound like you have much of anything better to do. "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?"

Austin said...

uh...looks like it works just fine from here.