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Friday, December 02, 2005


People of my generation are often told that we are chosen, that we are special, that we are more mature, that we have more expected out of us, etc, etc. Well guess what? I think they are right on that last one. I am only taking a couple classes, and there is just too much to do. And that is aside from absolutely essential life activities. I'd like to echo Elton Johns words in a very unromantic way, theres "more to do than can ever be done". Lets count it up, shall we?

Go to church
Read the scriptures
Say your prayers
Magnify your calling
Worship in the temple
Serve in your community
Don't skip class
Study outside of class
Stay in touch with old friends
Make new friends
Home Teach
Go to Family Home Evening
Spend time with your real family
Keep a clean living space
Read good literature
Keep a journal

And in between it all, find time for to laugh, sleep, eat, cry, breath. You should fit heigene in there too. You're a grown up, so get a job. Find time for a creative outlet, you know, paint, sculpt, act, write something, maybe a blog.

Oh, and don't forget...relax.

If you can't tell, my soul feels a little oppressed. I think this is all ridiculous. Absurd. Nonsense. I sometimes want to scream to those that we look to for council "I CAN'T DO IT ALL!!! IT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!"
But that would be bad I think.

And unfortunately I don't see any cure.

I would put cool links in this and color and order, but guess who doesn't really have time for that?


Katie said...

You know what is funny? We are all in the same boat, but because we are all in that boat everyone is worried about all of the things that they need to do, and I think that I, for one, have to remind myself that everyone is just as busy as I am.(yay for run on sentences) I hate to admit that, but sometimes I get so self absorbed that I forget everyone is stressed. Basically- I think everyone needs to spend more time on blogs. They are a great way to avoid the things you really should be doing.

Austin said...

You remember that kind of thing because you are a saintly woman. Heaven bless Katie Dahl.

Emily said...

You are your brother's brother.
(I feel like that, too.)