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Friday, December 28, 2007

The Facts of Blogging: or, Give me an Award or an Intervention

There comes a point in a young bloggers life, when he starts to feel strange things he can't explain, desires that were never there before. It may happen when he sees another blog that was always there, but now he can't look away. Don't worry, this is perfectly normal. Everybody goes through it. You know you've hit blogger puberty when you start regularly reading the blogs of people you don't actually know.

Here are a few who aren't really my friends, having never met them, but I like to read their blogs.

-Hizook likes robots. So do I. He finds neat robots that I don't see anywhere else. I can't stand it when a blog will start playing music as soon as I go there, and his does that, so if I'm willing to put up with that, I must really like his blog.

-Daniel Wilson is somebody I would really like to be friends with. I have his first two books, and haven't bought the third one yet. It's about two of my favorite things. I've mentioned his stuff on here before. His career thus far has been enviable, to say the least.

-Ironic Sans is a funny man. I wouldn't mind modeling my blog after his, or at least gaining inspiration from it. I recommend his -S.T. Lewis lives somewhere nearby. I like his drawings. I think you will too.
P.S. - For those of you who've had the pleasure of hearing about the "Birds and the Bees" chat with my dad when I was a kid, the top picture is the cover to the fabled book. It still sits on the top shelf of his home office.

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