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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Familiar Story

So a funny thing happened today. I was walking home from campus, and as
I approached the WILK, I decided I'd stop in the bookstore, just to see
what they might have. Naturally, I tended toward the bargain corner to
see what cheap books they had. At one table, I saw a large coffee table
book with the sketches of Leonardo DaVinci. I picked it up to thumb

I didn't look up, but a man came up to the opposite side of the table
and picked up a similar book, same author, on the paintings of Leonardo
DaVinci. We both thumbed through the works of DaVinci. Then he says,

My brother Steve. He and I had both gone to the bookstore for no
specific purpose, walked to the bargain books, and picked up books on
DaVinci. At the same time. I suppose it's not that strange, we are
brothers after all. But still a coincidence of sorts. I've talked here
about coincidences before.

It reminded me of a similar occurence on my mission. My companion Roger
and I were at a thrift store, as we often were on Preparation days.
Looking at a wall full of books we each saw something intriguing. We
simultaneously reached at opposite ends of the shelf, me to the top
right, he to the bottom left, each pulled out a book, and turned to the
other, both pointing to the name of the author on our respective
publication, knowing the other would be impressed at our find.

He had pulled out, "The Naked Communist" by W. Cleon Skousen. I had
pulled out out, "The Naked Capitalist" by W. Cleon Skousen. Couldn't
have been better choreographed if we had planned and planted the books.


pam said...

Your familiar story would have been even more familiear if I had timed it just right, because I too wandered through the BYU bookstore yesterday and just happened to look at the Da Vinci books too. But alas, I missed out on seeing you and Steve there.

Angela said...

Mom! You were on campus and didn't come to visit your children who work in the ASB?

Nancy said...

Crazy, but maybe not. Had all the Craigs been in the BYU bookstore at the same time I think we would all have found ourselves at the Bargain book table. What does that say about us? Anyone? Cool story, both of them.