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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Well Wishes

This is late. I couldn't figure out how to upload it earlier (technical difficulties). Also, sorry, Jourdan, that I didn't get everybody who was there. Turns out I've made the mistake of thinking I was filming when I wasn't more than once.

Happy (late) Birthday!


Jourdan said...

Haha. Aw, thanks Austin. I'm so appreciative that I'm going to overlook the fact that, once again, you have misspelled my name.

Emily said...

Happy birthday to Jourdan. She seems to have nice friends.

Also, I can't really believe I watched that whole video.

Austin said...

AAAAARRGH! I swear, I was thinking about that when I was posting this, I thought I got it right this time! That's how the country spells it, that's how the river spells it, that's how the Bible spells it. I'm going to fix it. I'm fixing it right now. From now on I'll check facebook first.

And Emily, ya, I am surprised you watched that whole thing. Wow.