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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Vital Signs

The Turkish fir is by far our longest lasting tree, followed by the
Noble fir and the Grand fir. Grand firs are known for their strong
aroma, and Douglas firs will be your bargain tree.

Cut at least half an inch off the base of your tree before placing it in
your stand. This ensures that it can still take water. After cutting,
you have an hour to an hour and a half tops to get it in water.

That exhausts my knowledge of Christmas trees. Hope nobody asks me to
ring anything up. I don't know how to use the register.

I'm working tonight with Nathan, the son of the owner and a fellow BYU
student, and Jesus, who I have to assume is from Mexico.

My joints hurt from the cold. I sound like an old man.


Angela said...

Too bad we already bought a tree! Our's a noble fir. We got it at the lot in front of the dollor store in East Bay. Which one are you working at? Maybe I'll stop by and bring you some hot chocolate.

pam said...

Noble Firs were the kind we always bought when we lived in Phoenix. I liked them because they weren't too fat and there was a lot of space between the branches so you could see the ornaments.

pam said...

Do you have a warm jacket with a sweater underneath and a knit cap and some gloves? All of this paraphinalia helps. Also aren't they supposed to have a little bonfire to lend a homey atmosphere to those tree lots?

Angela said...

Maybe that's why I always like the Noble Firs best! We had them growing up!