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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Various Videos

I decided to post some old ones. Enjoy.

This isn't quite two years ago. Shortly after I got my knock off Love Sac, we discovered that it was versatile furniture, good for more than just sitting on.
NOTE: Don't Try This! We almost killed some poor girl when we launched her across our living room, clean over our couch. The paramedic didn't believe us at first about how it happened. Serious, it's pretty dangerous, we don't play anymore.

This us Justin. He is a designer.

This was Justin a few weeks ago. I call it, "Robot Reunion".

This is from when I "worked" at the BYU Laundry.

Sometimes I would try to entertain my nieces and nephews with my cameraphone. It didn't always work, but occasionally it was a smash hit.

This is my freak trick. I don't know why there is no sound.

Not that it relates, but I remember seeing this video when I was in elementary school. I can see now why it didn't have staying power, but I still think the song is great.


Daniel said...

Those were some definite quality videos posted! I believe there is a ton of video that is caught and never posted for others to see. It's about getting it posted. Have you seen my car video posted on my facebook.


Meredith said...

thank you for multiple laughs.

I have memories of my brother and me watching this music video. And my brother knowing every word.

Austin said...

Your brother and I may get along. I still remember every word.

Angela said...

so the girl that you almost killed...did she go out the window? or just hit it really hard? what injuries did she sustain?