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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

This is it. This is the One.

I've been looking for a long time for a phone that would meet my vision of what a cell phone should be. There are lots of contenders, and some are pretty impressive. For a while I thought this might be the winner. But none measure up to the Platonic Ideal.

But there is this phone. It's the closest I've found. Shortly after Google's announcement of the Android mobile OS, the rumor mill was abuzz as to what the gPhone would be (even though Google repeatedly told the press that there wouldn't be any one gPhone). So far as a single leader in the Android world, my pick so far is this amazing piece of hardware. It does almost everything, and with those hardware specs backed by an open platform Google OS, come on, how could this NOT be the best? It'll do everything the iPhone does and more. It has a full tangible keyboard, if you're serious about actually writing anything more than phone numbers, as well as the full touch screen. It'll do YouTube videos, has genuine GPS, has a 3.1 Mp camera, and some specs say it has a secondary camera. I don't even know what you use that for, maybe something like this. Regardless, I want it, and don't be surprised if I get it when it comes on the American market.

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