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Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Dream in Fiction

Dreamt last night that I was somehow in a world where there were robots, lots of them, only they had all been turned off, all at once, a long time ago. I started turning them back on, and found out that they had been in some kind of dispute, a war even. It was very Transformers-esque.
Notable: right before going to bed, I had been reading this guy's website, the site for the NYC Resistors, and an interview with Rodney Brooks. Also, wishing I could make one of these, listening to Crystal Castles (Air War and Magic Spells are my favorite), and then fell asleep wearing this shirt.
I am sure there are better ways to spend my time. I need to change that.


Jasie said...

wow, Austin, your dreams are very entertaining.

mdiller said...

I loved that this supprised no one. Imagine that, Austin had another dream about robots.