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Friday, November 16, 2007

Segway Test Drive

I rode one of these. And as much as they weren't the planet changing innovation that they were heralded as, they are...pretty darn fun.

Whenever I've been in Spanish Fork driving down main, I've always noticed an inconspicuous Segway shop on the right headed South out of town. What is that even doing there? I tell ya, there are some strange establishments in Spanish, from Dirty Joe Punsters for adult "novelties" (in the middle of Mormonville) to the life size weighted baby doll shop, Makin' Babies. Ya, weird, I know.

But anyway there is this Segway store, and today I was driving a friend to work, and thought, "You know, I'm not really doing anything right now, and I'm halfway there. I'll just go check it out and see if they do rentals or tours."

They were very obliging, and said the could do either rentals or tours, at a very reasonable rate. I told them I thought it would be a lot of fun for a Home Evening group or a group date. They asked if I wanted to try one on the spot. Yes. Yes I would.

I got a half hour tutorial from a guy named Garry, first on the showroom floor, then to the lot. It was a blast, and I will definitely be doing it again.

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Emily said...

Shore 'nough. I got here by googling Dirty Joe Punsters. But it's spelled wrong, so only the bad spellers with a hankering for sex toys make it here. Not that I fit either of those categories. . .