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Sunday, November 25, 2007

All Business

This morning my nephew Walker calmly came out of his room at 7:15,
walked with direction and purpose into the living room, and opened the
toy chest. There is nothing special about this specific sequence, but
HOW he did it...he did it the same way I would wake and check my email,
the same way my dad would wake and check the stock market. It was like
watching a carpenter at dawn enter his shop to start another long day of
work. He is four years old.


Meredith said...

Or like me waking up, walking to the freezer and getting ice cream for breakfast.

Emily said...

I am confused by your time stamp for this post.

I think Walker is three. Three-year-olds and other people's toys (more exciting than your own) are serious business.

Austin said...

Ya, he is three. I'm very good at remembering the exact ages of the nieces and nephews. The time stamp is all wrong when I post from my phone, I don't know why.