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Friday, November 30, 2007

lymabean, Home of the Free Bean T

So, if you're a Provo resident of recent years, you may remember a little website/business/startup called "lymabean". Do you remember what they did? 'Cause I don't. Really, I remember seeing them around, but it was always just...this...BEAN. So no, I didn't know what they DID. But I now know what they DO.

Lymabean has forged into the social networking world, a-la facebook or myspace. There are differences, of course. Lymabean aims to be the end all of online networking. It is a social hub, but also a marketplace with classifieds for sales, job listings, or housing contracts, a chatspace with filesharing and media capability, a local business directory with discounts and reviews, local events calenders, and regular feeds to...well, whatever you want. That seems to be the hallmark of lymabean. From what I can tell...everything, is fully customizable. Their full site isn't available to the general public yet, but I...uhh...I know a guy. Anyway...

Last summer I had started to put together a website that I hoped would be a great place for people to go to plan their weekend. It would have a calender, discounts, a place for people to talk. It would have looked something like this.

Sound familiar? Yup, it's exactly what I was describing Lymabean as. I eventually gave up on the idea of my site. Among other things, I didn't have any investment capital to make it happen. Lucky for you and me, it looks like something like lymabean may fill that void.

Lymabean is more of an intense web 2.0 experience than a website. The interface is more interactive, with more options. The Flex platform feels more like your own desktop than most browser-based applications.

From what I can tell, lymabean will be relaunching this winter at the University of Arizona. If you want it here, well, I think you'll just have to petition those bean-heads to get on it! Until then, let me offer this gift of consolation: You can get a free, BYU bean T. Right now. Right here.

Anybody who knows me knows how much I like a T's, and I gotta tell ya, it's a good fit, this shirt. They have custom designs for various schools, BYU among them, so you have to think that BYU is on their list of soon-to-be-launched venues.

Let's hope.

So...why are you still here? Go Get your FREE SHIRT!


D Smith said...
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Nancy said...

what's with the tail? It sort of looks spermish, is that a phalix symbol? Did I spell that right? Sorry to ruin your new shirt.

Austin said...

It is a cougar tail. Sorry you ruined my shirt too.

Cindy said...

They did the whole inundation as part of the marketing you do before you launch an internet business. Then they never actually launched and I was confused.