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Monday, November 26, 2007


I remember congratulating Landon on his engagement in my dream last
night. I told him how remarkable I thought it was that a person lives in
relative autonomy from adolescents to adulthood, and then, when they
find that someone, they essentially commit to spend all the time they
can, every day, for the rest of their life with this person.
There was more to the dream, lots more, but as soon as I woke, it was
all burned away in the morning, as though my eyes were the door to the
darkroom of my mind. Opening them exposes all the delicate dream film to
the harsh, amnesia inducing light.


Angela said...

You like describing the transience of dreams, don't you?

stacey said...

I never knew you were so deep, Austin. Your last two sentences create a really nice visual.

Austin said...

Angela - Yes.

Stacey - That is exactly what I was going for. Thanks.