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Monday, November 05, 2007

Lab Rat

Did I mention that I was participating in a medical study? It's not as
scary as it sounds. It's a new kind of flu shot, and I'm almost positive
I got the placebo. I think with an actual flu shot, you still have SOME
kind of reaction, pain, upset stomach, aching, Something. Maybe not, I
don't know, but that's what I've heard. I had no reaction at all. I
hardly felt it when they stuck the needle in, really wasn't sure if they
had done it yet or not till they told me they were done. But real shot
or placebo, it doesn't matter, they give me $250 at the end of it. All I
need to do is come in and show them I'm still healthy. Today is my one
month checkup.

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pam said...

I gave all the missionaries the flu shots in the mission for three years, each fall. And they didn't feel a thing. I even gave them to myself and didn't ever feel anything. They are just a really tiny needle and you don't feel it going in. Then this fall I went to Costco for my shot from a real nurse no less, and it hurt like crazy. I think she hit a nerve or put it right into the bone! But the point is that real flu shots don't usually hurt, so maybe you got the real thing.