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Thursday, November 01, 2007


The DJ's look like they just walked out of Guns 'n' Roses. The casting
girl loved my getup. Said she totally dug my Miami Vice look. Perfect.
Exactly what I was going for, %100 Don Johnson. Thanked me for actually
dressing up. I guess a couple people only did the 80's look about
halfway, and she sent them home. And If I'm in with the casting people,
I'm set.


pc said...

I always found it a little metro that Don didn't wear socks with his shoes, did you do that too ?

Angela said...

I think I would feel pretty lame if I had to pay people to be at my party. But it sounds like it was awesome for you. Next time you're being "cast" for a party, count me in! And I want a picture of your outfit too.

Austin said...

There were almost a thousand people there from Omniture, but I think they just wanted some performers, people who would dress up, dance, play games, and generally keep the energy up. Also, we were the "cheering fans" when the guest of honor showed up.
So he has real friends, don't worry.

Austin said...

Also, I decided to go with the socks. But if I had known, I would have forgone the socks completely. I was trying to be AUTHENTIC.

pc said...

Yeah, well next time go as Bruce Springsteen from the Born in the USA album, you know, bandanna, white tank top, jeans, and a handkerchief in the pocket. Bruce invades people's fantasies. Don Johnson does not, especially since he released that "Heartbeat" song. Unlike Bruce's progressive songs, his was of fecal eminence. Do not be of fecal eminence, Craigers !

pam said...

I.m with Angela, I want to see the picture.