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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Paid to Party

I've gotta do this more often. I just got here and it's already too good
to be true.

So the second extra gig I got was for this thing at Thanksgiving Point.
I was told to come dressed as an 80's Paparrazzi, with a little help
from my friends (thanks, Emily), and a search through the old wardrobe,
I came up with the following:
-a blazer with pushed up sleeves
-white jeans, peg leg style (rolled up twice)
-bright neon blue t-shirt, tucked in, no belt
-fake earing (sorry, Dad)
-Huge, rockstar hair.

So ya. Here I am, and guess what? It's not even a television, film, or
commercial gig. It's a party. "Johnny P" is retiring from Omniture. They
are the top Web analytics company in the world. I have to assume "Johnny
P." Is John Pestana, one of the cofounders. He is a BYU graduate, comes
and lectures to the intro business classes every year. He is wildly
wealthy, 35 years old, and is now retiring from the empire he built. He
was in discussions with ISM to be on our board of directors.

It's his party, and our role is to make him feel like a star. When he
shows up, we're supposed to stand next to the red carpet and snap
pictures. And after that...we're supposed to party. I've talked to some
of the other extras, they said this is one of the best playing gigs
they've done. My friend Johnny is here, and here are a couple pictures
os us.

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