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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Honey...What's that sound upstairs?

Dreamt last night that I got married, and after a while I discovered
that my wife was housing her disfigured and ferrell brother in the

Also, there was some element of this dream that was like playong Half
Life, because there was a cluster of explosive barrels, and I tried to
throw a barrell at it to detonate them, but I missed, and was then
trying to figure out how to load from a previously saved point.


Emily said...

Did you mean: feral

Unless her brother is Will, and that's kind of funny.

Austin said...

Okay, I actually tried to look the spelling on that up, and do you know what Google's definition feature told me?
Me: "Define Ferrell"
Google: "Ferrell: Teen who believed he was a vampire, started a "vampire clan", and murdered the parents of Heather Wendorf, one of his "clan members"
Compliments of
I guess the Google isn't perfect. Yet.

Mary said...

This post actually made me laugh out loud. hee hee. ahh. I'm still laughing as I write about it. What a nice little 'discovery'.

Reminds me of Wuthering Heights.

Angela said...

Was she hot?

Nancy said...

The real question is who was your wife in the dream?