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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving with the Craigs

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I didn't even do much. I just spent time with my family, did a little shopping, and enjoyed the Arizona warmth. And Barro's Pizza. And read a lot of Fast Company. It was wonderful.

I slept most of the drive home, but was awake enough to get this priceless shot in Southern Utah.


Angela said...

I clicked your link to Barro's website, and now I want more. Probably you should look into opening a franchise here, so all us AZ kids could get our Barro's fix. Think about it. I, alone, could probably keep you in business.

Nancy said...

we missed you Aus. Guns, Lotto, Ammo and Beer, what more could one want?

pam said...

Gld you got to catch up on your sleep on the way home after all that partying with the family. I too had some Barro's pizza thanks to Becky and Richard the night I got to their place, it is great pizza.