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Monday, September 03, 2007

Your Mamba

UPDATE: The parts of the movie you don't really like? Those are the parts my roommates came up with. Directorial power was far too fluid and communal in this production.

This is the movie we made almost two years ago. Mind you, it was written and filmed in one night, and edited in another. If we were to do it again, it would be tremendously improved, in every way. Regardless, it was pretty fun, even though the finished product isn't exactly Oscar worthy. At least not a real Oscar; we did win our apartment complex's version of the Academy Awards. We got a trophy and a hundred dollars.
Proudly Presented in Widescreen, though I don't know how to reformat the page so it fits. Enjoy.
Also we've decided it's high time to make another fun movie.
P.S. I understand we don't have the rights to any of this music, and we didn't really plan on winning any money, but now I'm in gross violation of copyright law. Don't tell the RIAA.
P.S. Again- The audio is awful. Forgive me.


pam said...

Loved the movie! You'll have to make more of them in your spare time! YOu're a great writer, director, and actor. Next time, get a new lighting man. Things were a little dark.

Nancy said...

Aus, that was hilarious, you really should do more, it was quite funny, and why aren't you dating the cute blonde? You can get her to star in your movie, now find her to star in your life, ha! Just kidding, it just wouldn't be a comment from me if I didn't give you a hard time, now would it?

Meredith said...


D Smith said...

"you're the only one who evabler understood me" trued word never spoken

PC said...

As long as I have known you, you have reminded me of David Hyde Pierce. This film just affirms that thought.

pc said...

and by affirms I of course met reaffirms.

Austin said...

I have gotten that comment more than you know. Not as much as I did in high school, but still shows up every now and then.