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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Annoying for Some, Fun for Me

I had a dream on the night between August 30 and 31st that I never published, but did record. Here is what I wrote:

"I dreamt last night that I had a tube that looked like it was made out of white abs pipe that had been sealed on both ends. It had probably a 2"-3" radius, was maybe a little over a foot long, and otherwise in appearance looked perfectly normal. However, the special thing about this pipe tube was how buoyant it was. It floated just like foam on water. And it was so buoyant that I could use it to lift myself up. I could hang off it and jump, and float around the room till I slowly came to a gentle land, or I could sit on it like a perch, like a bird on a wire, only flying without wings. I kept bumping into things in the room, and people too. They were all just mildly annoyed at my childish antics, not really grasping how cool this new toy was. Their loss.

On a strangely related note, some friends and I are going to the tumbling gym tonight. It should be lots of fun."

It was tremendous fun, if you were wondering.

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pam said...

You should write a book based on this fascinating idea.