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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Videos from my Old Phone

I used to have a great phone, the Samsung P735. It flipped open, swiveled around, played MP3's, played videos, and even had a memory card. Unfortunately, it broke, as it seems most phones do. I don't know why, but it's my understanding that Samsung only manufactured the P735 for a few months before discontinueing (maybe because they broke too easy). Too bad, it was a great little piece of hardware.

Anyway, one of the great features was that it took video, and was really easy. I don't know why every phone on earth doesn't have a simple video recorder. It will be a must on my next phone. I've missed the feature. I thought I had lost my memory card from that phone, but found it a while back. It was like finding an old photo album, only the pictures moved and talked.

I thought it might be fun to post some of my older videos from that phone. Enjoy.

This is from two years ago, almost exactly. Sept. 2005, when I worked for the BYU Dry Cleaners.

Robby has since gotten married.

Another incident from when I worked at the cleaners. I've mentioned it before.

This one is from after we made our little video for the Liberty Square Academy Awards a couple years ago. We won the Comedy award, but I gotta be honest, it wasn't very stiff competition. Present are Jourdan, Dave, and Brad Kramer, who is almost home from his mission.

Note: It may look like there is nobody there, but we were early, and there were people in front of us. Not a lot, but I promise, we weren't the only ones there.

This guy is a riot, I don't know why I'm not better friends with him. I have only positive things to say. He is pretty tight with Eric, though.


D Smith said...

you used to e full of so much youthful vigor, back before "the man" took your soul.

Austin said...

What man? Who's the man? Whens a man a man? Why is it so hard to be a man?
Am I a man? Yes, technically, yes.

Jasie said...

haha, I love the Star Wars costumes. How random. And those are great glasses. Do you still wear those? Am I completely oblivious to the world around me?

Austin said...

No you are not oblivious. I haven't worn those glasses in a couple weeks, but I alternate between those, the frameless ones, and contacts. I only plan on expanding the collection.

pam said...

Do you still have the video for which we got in trouble at the Al Campo fresh fish department? If so, I would like to see it.

Austin said...

I think I have those, but here is the thing. They are on my old laptop hard drive, and I think that is either dead or dying. I can't really use, it, but I'm hanging on to it till the day that I'm either rich or data recovery is cheaper. Then I'll post it.

Mary said...

These are great. I love how you so calmly accept the fact that it would have only taken a little tug on the elevator freight to get it moving again. This video would do more damage at your wedding than at Robby's.