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Thursday, September 20, 2007

As Promised...

Here is a picture of the ball. It all played out exactly as I had hoped. I took it to my old boss at the BYU Laundry and asked if he could get Lavell's signature on the prized ball next time he came in (which is all the time). That's exactly what happened.

Any idea on how much this is worth? I mean monetarily. I don't think it's a fortune, but certainly more than I paid for the ball and the Sharpie. Call me shallow, but I'd like to know a dollar value, even if I'm not selling it yet.

Should I try to get Bronco Mendenhall to sign it too? I bet I could pull it off. I've gotten three big ones so far, I'll bet I could get more.

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mdiller said...

Im gonna have to say dont get bronce on the ball. I have nothing against him, just that the other guys are classics. I think leaving it as is will make it worth the most...that is unless bronce turns out to be something amazing.