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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Like Rabid Dogs

I had another zombie dream.

There was me, my dad, and a girl named Christina. We had a tank, and were going someplace, indiscriminately running over any zombies that happened to be in the way. But every now and then, we couldn't use the tank for some reason, and one of us would have to get out and go on foot for a while. We had some elaborate system of evading the zombies using fences. I'd make sure there weren't any zombies nearby, and I'd run to a nearby fence with supplies in hand. I'd quickly climb over, and as the zombies began to pursue, I'd try to douse them with some flammable liquid I had, the light them on fire as they tried to climb over the fence after me. It was harder then I had thought. They were faster than normal, and since when do zombies climb?

I saw part of the remake of Dawn of the Dead on TV a few months ago. Scared me. In all the old classic George A. Romero zombie flicks, the zombies are slow, halting, uncoordinated, sluggish at best. In this movie, they were like rabid dogs, angry and fast.

In my dream they weren't exactly rabid dogs, but more so than I was comfortable with. I kept being surprised by how fast and agile they were. I managed to get away, and then wake up.


Jasie said...

I hate zombies. It's that sense of the uncanny that is so bothersome. They're people, but they're not. They're dead, but they're not. Like in Shawn of the Dead, one second they're your kindly old step dad that you love, and the the next they want to tear out your throat and eat you for lunch. I hate hate hate zombies. Also, I'm afraid that if they do take over the earth, I'll be just as oblivious to it as Shawn was (having no tv, reading no news, and being completely self absorbed), and then it will be too late for me to run and hide. AAh! I hate zombies!! I hope you stop dreaming about them.

Austin said...

Hey, like I said before, Jasie, killer instinct is right across the street. I'll get'em for ya. In all my zombie dreams, they've never gotten me, so I'd say I'm as experienced and prepared as anybody can be.

pc said...

This reminds me of the South Park episode "The Night of the Living Homeless." South Park has an influx of homeless people who are imbued with zombie strangeness. The council people of the town are so frightened by the ominous and impending doom of the zombie homeless people that they find sanctuary on a rooftop. However, those that did not accompany them, come later, knocking on a door leading down a stairwell, asking to be saved. Only, it's not just a band of helpless citizens, homeless zombies incessantly extending their cups asking for change are in their midst too. One of the townspeople cries out from behind the door, "Oh no, we're going to have to give this one some change, he's a war veteran !" So, apparently however repulsive zombies are, if they are war veteran zombies, then they can evoke some sympathy.

I don't know if you have any interest, but here is a link to South Park, as well as Family Guy and other cartoons: http://video.glath.com/.