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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I never told you about my dream from a couple nights ago. It was a
social situation, a party or just some hang out gathering. There was me and my roommates and some other people from the ward. I was
trying my best to be on top, to impress, to be all those things everybody wants to be in a crowd. But I was bombing, and some of
my friends who are characteristically backward in a social setting were
soaring. They were funny and charming and warm. Good for them and all, but it was awful. I didn't like that dream.

Dream the next, another zombie dream. On a rooftop. I don't know if it
was me or if I was just observing. A man was fighting zombies. He was
unarmed, and just wailing on them. It was like watching Neo and The
Agent Smiths
. One man, but he was delivering inhuman blows.

I've decided that if you want to remember you dreams, start recording


mdiller said...

Im gonna try that. (PS 75% of the reason I am leaving this comment is because I know you enjoy comments so much...so enjoy :)

pc said...

I have the same kind of dreams, only they're interrupted by Austin-endorsed commercials for Apple Beer. Strange how that happens.

Justin said...

Were you describing me as "characteristically backward"?

... that's not nice at all...

Austin said...

J, I thought you said you liked that dream?