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Saturday, September 29, 2007

This just Happened.

And happens with some regularity. I figured it should be recorded for posterity's sake. Hit play, and trust me, just wait for it.

Featured, performing live in Austin's bedroom, from right to left, are Dave, Dan, and Justin.
Special thanks to Cassius for the music and video inspiration.

If your interested in the real video, it's quite good.


mdiller said...

Good times. I like the fact that I am not the only one that makes a fool of himself on a regular basis.

sara said...

i look at that, and nearly die.

thank you.

Nancy said...

Maybe you three should hit your local Fred Astaire studio.

mdiller said...

I just clicked on your link called "This Just Happened" and came to this. I was actually fooled for a minute. You might want to put this on the real This Just Happened blog and stop fishing (isnt that what its called?)

Austin said...

Hey, man, I had this up long before the other Blog. This inspired the other blog. This made the dream possible.