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Saturday, August 25, 2007

This Needs to Happen

NOTE: You will have to click on the links to really understand any of this post.

One of my favorite features of science fiction is it's potential to leave the fiction world. It's hard not to see. Science fiction invented the flip-phone, cyberspace, space travel, the list goes on. I've decided it's high time to take some of my favorite fantastic stories and turn them into everyday reality. More specifically, I think it's time to start working on the super-suit.

Don't laugh, I'm serious. The technology is there, it just needs a good shot of R&D, and industry investment. In a year, we could have a fully functional super-suit to rival anything fiction could concoct.

1. The Suit Itself
The foundation of any good Hero aesthetic. The technology for an impact resistant suit seems...suitable...for our project at hand. Speaking of hands, climbing seems to be a regular activity of the super-crime fighter. He'll need something to conceal his identity, and give him an edge in the age of information. And of course he'll need some shoes.

2. Accessories
What is a super suit without some added toys? We could give him something for a quick vertical get-away. He'll need something to stop the bad guys in their tracks. And maybe some of these...I don't know, they look fun.

3. Transport
Our hero will be traveling in style. There are plenty of options. He could jet around, or take a leisurely flight in his flying saucer. He could go on one wheel, or many, if he wants HQ to come along.

4. Rivals?
Why villains, you ask? Super villains are sure to pop up as soon as the hero does. It's an immutable law. He could be a mecha-villain, like Dr. Claw or Darth Vader, or maybe a biological freak, like the Green Goblin.

Am I right or am I right? JOIN WITH ME PEOPLE!

Actually, like I mentioned, we'd need some kind of corporate sponsorship or government research grant. I'll...uhh...get on that...when I've got some time.


Steve said...

Here's the deal bro: Some Canadian teens out there actually invent the cool stuff -- you and I spend all our time blogging and writing novels about it. I've decided that I really am more in love with the ascthetics of it.

Tiffany said...

be my friend...even if not your neighbor.