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Friday, August 10, 2007

The Final Shoot

Yesterday was our final day of shooting. We were filming some desert scenes outside L.A. in the hills. It was supposed to be Pakistan or Afghanistan. Close enough. I was all worried about getting sunburned or heatstroke, but turned out I wasn't even on the set for most of the hottest part of the day. I went with the art department girl to get some props from the Universal Studios prophouse. We drove in her car there, and it took a while. We talked, or rather, she talked most of the way there and back. We talked about movies, ISM, working for a startup, religion, families, moving, writing, and I'm sure a few other things I'm forgetting. Serious, we were driving for hours.
We pulled in the back of the studios. They checked to see that we were on the list of approved people. The prop-house was huge, a large building that from the outside would have looked like an office complex. But inside, they had everything imaginable. The floor I was on had every variety of furniture, from egyptian royal thrones, to victorian footstools, to psychologist couches, to the old dusty stained wooden foldout tables we were there to pick up.
We went back to our location in the hills, and shot some scenes of what was supposed to be an Afghani dinner and gambling joint. Somebody had built a set ther that looked like nondescript ruins from the outside, but the inside looked like...well...a nondescript old middle-eastern building. Cody, Jon, and Ben from ISM got to dress up as Terrorists. I was jealous, but there is no way I'd have been able to pull that off. Who ever heard of a blonde haired blue eyed Jihadist? Ben was actually very convincing in his garb.
Anyway, I'm beat, and I'll tell you about today tomorrow. Goodnight.


Nancy said...

sounds cool to get all the behind the scenes stuff. Is this the direction you want to go with your career?

pam said...

You told us that you didn't get to use the set because it was so good that somebody else offered more money for it. So what did you use?