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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Did I mention...

After we were done wrapping up yesterday, we went out to see the set of the movie Will Smith is shooting? It wasn't really planned, but one of the teachers here with us, Cheryl, her fiance's friend lives and works out here, and he called and said to bring the whole crew. So we went, and got dinner across the street from where he was shooting. We watched through the window, as Will Smith and Peter Berg the director we chatting. It's a movie tentatively titled John Hancock. I looked it up on IMDB, but get the feeling I'm just going to have to see it to understand it.
I guess I don't get all that starstruck, because I saw him and thought, "Yup, that's what he looks like. But some of our group couldn't stop gabbing and gawking. It was cool, but I was almost more inclined to watch the movie that was playing in the restaurant we were in. Something with Al Pacino, I couldn't figure out what it was.

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Nancy said...

I admit I'd have been star struck for sure. I really got so excited when I met one of my fav. fabric designers, even more than I thought I would, so if I ever met someone really famous I would be a total nerd, just ask Becky, Angela or Katie.