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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Living the Dream. I Hope.

Well, I'm in LA. Did I mention that I would be here? Maybe not. Regardless, the story goes like this. The company I work for does a summer workshop production for teachers to come to. These are mostly teachers who have used or will soon use our online film making course for their classroom. They get to work side by side with Hollywood professionals on the set of a movie, and get to try their hand at every stage of the process. And as a valued employee, so do I. Cool.
We flew out of SLC early, had a layover in Phoenix, where I got to see my brother who happened to be flying out of the same airport at the same time (!), and then flew in to Burbank. I'd hoped we might try to catch a sacrament meeting somewhere, but that didn't happen. Instead, we did the exact opposite, we went out to eat (please forgive me) at this BBQ joint. It was't that great, to be honest, I could have made that meal, and my mom could have blown it out of the water. You know it isn't that great when the grub at the mall food court smells better.
We walked around some shops for a while. The Ramada Inn driver Randy told us where would be the cool places to see. Just stores, so far, though. Nothing too special.
We came back to the hotel, and I watched a little TV, then took a nap, knowing that my co-workers would wake me up before our meeting at 8:00. They didn't, though. I slept soundly from 6:30 to 10:30, and from the sound of it I was hardly missed at the meeting. Hhmph.
Tomorrow we're going to be filming an interrogation scene in the belly of some war ship. I still don't know the actors names, even though that is a detail I've been asking them about for literally months, and we're filming in a matter of hours. I think they secured the lead role only a few days ago. Crazyness.
I better get some sleep, or I won't be much good as a production assistant tomorrow. Cross your fingers and wish me luck that I get a credit on IMDB.


Nancy said...

sounds cool Aus! I'm jealous. Let us in on all the juicy details soon. George Clooney?

Emily said...

What?! Steve doesn't tell me anything! You just happened to run into him at the airport?

What?! You don't know who the actors are? You keep asking, and they keep not telling? I don't get it.

Meredith said...

Big time actors, yeah yeah. The real question is do you get to hold that black and white thingy in front of a scene and say TAKE TWENTY SEVEN? Thats when I would start to be jealous.

Its hard to type this with crossed fingers but I am doing it because I like you so much!

Austin said...

Jealous yet, Mere?

pam said...

Seriously, did you just happen to run into Steve in the Phoenix airport? You two better be minding your p's and q's if you never know when you'll run into each other. Looks like Big Brother is always watching.