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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rivals Real Life

Have you seen the BBC Documentary "Planet Earth"? It is truly remarkable. I've seen probably more than my share of documentaries, but this one is honestly one of the best pieces on nature that I've ever seen, probably the best. Some absurd amount of the things they shot had never been recorded before. These guys went to the highest mountains, the deepest jungles, and everywhere in between for five years to put it together.

My roommate Dave just bought it on Blu-ray, and we're going to watch it on our 92" projector screen with surround sound. Amazing.


Meredith said...

First heelies and now this? You are making me jealous left and right. When they slowed down the shark eating a seal I think my heart stopped.

Emily said...

Austin, you don't have heelies. Right? Right?

Austin said...

I did, it's true, I've wanted a pair for years. They are very fun. Very.

Nancy said...

Aus, if you think that documentary is good then you really need to see the one about the ferret people, I'm telling you, pure entertainment. Friday night date night couldn't get any better. Popcorn and ferrets, who needs romance. That way you could tell if the girl really liked you for you, and not your Hollywood connections!