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Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Few from Hollywood

I went to L.A., and documented that pretty well, but there was plenty that I didn't include. Time to post some pictures.

We were shooting in several locations, on the boat, in the boat, in the desert, on the street.

We swung by the DC stages quickly, it was just across the street from where we were shooting and our producer know people there to show us around. It was set after set, meant to look like any number of places, be it a prison, a courtroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, a city alley, etc, etc. They filmed some of The Departed and Children of Men there. I'll have to watch those again and figure out what scenes were done there.

We got to be extras in a few shots. I played a New Yorker walking the streets. Some of our guys got to be Taliban. Ben Treasure was extremely convincing in his getup.

We went to the Universal Walkway. That was pretty cool.

We saw a street performer who had us all come in and dance with him.

The whole object of the Workshop was to have teachers learn about the film making process. It was good to learn from people who have been doing this their whole careers.

I had a blast. A part of me wants to go back for more.

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Nancy said...

Looks like fun Aus, I haven't checked your blog recently I guess, it's fun to see all your cool pics.