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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Work Party

About a week and a half ago, I went over to my boss's boss's boss's house. The man at the top of that ladder is a very wealthy man, and he has nice things. He is connoisseur of fine automobiles, and owns several that are absurdly expensive.

The whole reason we were there in the first place was because an independent film maker and his cohorts were trying to persuade Wade (the man at the top) to invest in the distribution of their film. We had a little private screening there, and it was actually a pretty good movie, with a couple bigger names. It was probably the most convincing portrayal of a really tough kid I'd ever seen, and had more action than a lot of major studio produced action flicks, aimed at an older audience. One of the main characters was 11 and I was afraid of him. It was co-written by Richard Dutcher who I am not a fan of, professionally. I've met him before. He came and spoke to a small class of mine. Very talented, for sure, and while he was certainly pleasant to us, I got the impression that we would have our personal differences. But I digress. This movie was great, lots of fun for a kid, but it was a bit over the top on vulgarity.

They pitched this movie to Wade, and got little to no response from him. He seems more one to watch than to speak. They talked cars for little bit, and Wade mentioned that he'd just bought Eleanor from Gone in Sixty Seconds. Not a replica, he bought the car from the movie, there are only 7 in the world I think. Everybody sounded like they wanted to go see it, but Wade didn't say much. The idea died. People started leaving, and I was about to take off, but Jon, one of the guys there who I actually know, said to stick around. I did. I stayed for a bit longer. But people were leaving, and I felt a little uncomfortable as a little outsider in the midst of big insiders. I mean, these guys had mostly known each other for years, and most of them are pretty wealthy. I tried to leave again, but Jon said again, "Don't leave yet."

I stayed till it was just Wade, Doug, Jon, and...me. Again, let me emphasize that these guys are old friends, older than me, married, and all drive some of the finest sports cars on the planet. Not really in my element, but I'll do my best to rub shoulders.

That is when we went to the garage. I guess Wade didn't want people around his million dollar car, because when it was just three guests, he seemed more than happy to show it off. It was pretty amazing, and I'm not even a personality to get to excited about cars. But that was a heck of a machine.

That's my story. I went to a private screening, hung out with the rich, and sat in the famous car. It seems the best thing I got from it all is the bragging rights. My gear-head friends are so jealous.


Emily said...

Whoa, Austin. Your job is such an enigma to me.

Nancy said...

That's cool Aus, sounds like some fun perks with your job. When you're older, married, and a millionaire with nice cars I want to sit in one, and see a movie before it's in theatres.