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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Apologies to any Aspiring Advisement Councilors

I've not had good experience with academic advisement councilors. I met one adviser one time that was actually any help at all. 90% of the time, they make if feel like both of you are stupider for having met. And they don't care, or at least don't act like they do. Before I'd declared a major, I went in to the open major advisement center. They set me up with an "adviser" who was a girl younger than me, who only knew how to ask, "What do you like? What do you want to do?" THANK YOU SO MUCH, YOUR OBVIOUS QUESTIONS HAVE OPENED MY EYES TO THE FUTURE. I met with a Comms adviser when I thought I was ready to apply for the major. The only thing she had to tell me was the requirements had changed and I would have to wait and apply another semester. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO KNOW BEFORE I'D PLANNED THE REST OF MY COLLEGE CAREER. Today I was supposed to meet with another Comms adviser to figure out my graduation plan. I have a job, I like my job, I don't want to quit my job, but it is unavoidably full-time, which makes things like producing a news show, internships, or other broadcasting graduation requirements very difficult to schedule in. Well 1) I was late, but that hardly mattered because 2) I was only scheduled to meet with her for like 15 minutes. THAT'S RIGHT, WE ARE GOING TO PLAN HOW I'LL KEEP MY JOB, TAKE THE REQUISITE CLASSES IN THE EVENING AND/OR ONLINE, AND COMPLETE AN INTERNSHIP, ALL IN 15 MINUTES. What did they think I was coming in for that would only take 15 minutes?
They probably thought I'd come in hoping they'd ask what I like or what I want to do. I didn't even go in to see her. She had 5 minutes left before she had another meeting scheduled. What good are her 5 minutes, or her 15 for that matter? I swear, these people don't live up to their title at all. ADVISE me. Tell me my options. Tell me the probable outcomes. Tell me what you might do. Help me map it all out. Don't just look at me like I'm stupid. Don't expect me to have done it all already. You're the expert, remember? That's why I came. If I'd already done this, why would I ever waste time for both of us and come here to see you? All they do is talk to you like you're stupid.

P.S. If you ever...ever want to make me really angry, go ahead and talk to me like I'm stupid. Go ahead.


Nancy said...

Sorry for the bad experience, I owe my whole college graduation to my comms advisement counselor, literally. You see I had to pass Stats with a D or better, or I wouldn't graduate, I got a D- and she told me she'd let it slide, that once someone had done something like that for her, and now she would do it for me, and for me to help someone else out some time. You know like pass it on. I think I could write a whole movie about how much I loved my comms advisor. So sorry you had such a bad one, don't go passing on the bad attitude though. Yes I had a D- in Statistics, not my thing obviously. Hey I graduated didn't I?

Emily said...

Nancy, what is the probability of you getting an advisement counselor who wanted to pay it forward? Can you give me a number? Ha ha, I made myself laugh.

Austin, there are two -- maybe more, but at least two -- things that I am good at in this world, and they are mapping out graduation plans, and organizing personal finance plans. I have said it before and I'll say it again: I am here for you, brother.

Also, I am kind of resentful that your counselor was younger than you. I applied for an open major advisement job when I was first married, and didn't even land an interview. What does she have that I didn't have?

Mary said...

You're stupid. Just kidding, sorry. That's not very funny. I really don't want to make you angry. Um, yeah. Guidance councilor's are super heinous, and Comms guidance councilors are the worst. In a fit of disgust and rash anger I actually switched out of majoring in comms completely after dealing with those people. I think things worked out for the best for me, but who knows, maybe I'd be hosting my own radio show by now if it wasn't for them.

The worst thing I've heard of from the comms department was when they forcibly switched my friend's major for her. She was in advertizing but it would have taken 4 1/2 years. A year before graduation they decided that was too long and made her graduate in comms studies. Heinous. She's still reaping the benefits.

Angela said...

Mary calling you stupid made me laugh. Out loud. And doesn't Nancy getting a D- in stats make you feel not stupid?

natter said...

Just thought I'd let you know that the education advisement counselors are just as bad. One neglected to inform me of a VERY important date when I met with her before going to Nauvoo and when I came back I couldn't start the program as planned because I'd missed a date for something I didn't even know existed. And she told me to talk to the dean....who called me irresponsible and made me cry. Yes, the dean of education...makes girls cry.

Wow, I so don't miss BYU. :)

And good luck by the by. :)

Austin said...

"Men, take care not to make women weep, for God counts their tears."
-Thomas S. Monson
He was of course talking about sexual purity, but I think it applies here too.